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Императорская Россия и Белое движение

Лот 1406

Лот 1406

Должностной знак земского начальника на цепи. Россия,кон.XIXв. Бронза,позолота. 78,4×65мм. Редкий!



Colin Kaepernick isn't coming to rescue the Indianapolis Colts. The same can be said about any other free-agent quarterback at the moment. The Colts feel confident that Andrew Luck will be back at some point, T.Y. Hilton Jerseysbut there's also a chance he may not be playing in the first couple of weeks of the regular season.

The Colts are sticking with Scott Tolzien as their starter, and evidently they're fine with that despite his performance so far in training camp and in Sunday's 24-10 preseason loss to the Detroit Lions.

"I thought he did OK," coach Chuck Pagano said about Tolzien's play in three series Sunday. "I think collectively as a unit, we've obviously got to be better and we have a long way to go. ... We'll look at their play and evaluate it and we keep moving on."If there's one thing general manager Chris Ballard has shown that's different from the previous regime, it's that he has patience. He constantly looks at the big picture instead of having shortsighted vision. Vontae Davis JerseysThat's why Ballard and the Colts aren't deviating from their plans in Luck's return. They're willing to take any lumps that come along the way until their franchise quarterback is fully healthy from his right shoulder surgery seven months ago.

You can never shut the door on the Colts adding another quarterback, but the time to do so is running out because that player would have to get up to speed with the offense, learn all the different languages used with the offense and get familiar with his teammates, Donte Moncrief Jerseysall within a few weeks. That's why it's understandable the Colts have decided to stay put at quarterback at the moment.

Is Indianapolis good enough to win without Luck?

"I think we are," owner Jim Irsay said. Andrew Luck Jerseys"Obviously after coming off a tough preseason game like [Sunday] you can make a lot of comments and say, 'How can that be?' and 'Where you going to be?' We think we can win. We believe we can win going into every game. Do we think we can have a better chance of winning with Andrew? Yes, that's certainly the case."

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